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Brudenell News and Blog

27th June 2014

Essential items for a trip to Aldeburgh Beach

Here are our top 10 items we think are essential to have a pleasant and relaxing time on the Aldebugh coastline!

A trip to the beach is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones in the summer months, but it’s not always as easy as hopping in your car and driving to your favourite spot, especially if you have children. Here are our top 10 items we think are essential to have a pleasant and relaxing time on the Aldebugh coastline, whilst being comfortable and safe.

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the beach, would it?

1. Sun Cream
The most important item. Even though the British weather isn’t known for being particularly hot, the sun is still powerful enough to cause serious damage to your skin if left unprotected. Apply regularly throughout the day, especially if you enjoy a spot of swimming.
2. Camera
For capturing all of those magical moments and stunning scenery our great coastline has to offer.
3. Book or Magazine
There’s no better place to take time-out and kick back with your favourite read.
4. Flip Flops and Sandals
Easy to forget, but certainly the most ideal footwear for walking along our pebbled beaches, especially if you get tempted to test the temperature of the sea!
5. Sunglasses
Essential for protecting your eyes and feeling comfortable in the glaring sun.
6. Towels
The sea can be a bit a chilly, with the trusty towel often being the saviour for shivering bodies when making the walk back to camp from the water! Also useful for lying on when soaking up the rays.
7. Wind Break
Great for keeping the wind at bay and ideal for maintaining a sense of privacy at the beach, especially when it comes to getting changed.
8. Umbrella
On particularly hot days, a large beach umbrella becomes even more essential when needing to take five out of the glistening sun.
9. Beach Bag
Super handy when it comes to packing everything together.
10. Water
It’s easy to become dehydrated when spending large amounts of time in the sun. Take along plenty of bottled water and keep cool in your beach bag, along with an ice pack or two.

The sun is shining, beaches glowing and holiday makers across the country are getting ready for the summer season. We too are geared up and ready, and look forward to welcoming you to our Suffolk Hotel over the next few months.