Bonotto Delle Tezze Wine Dinner
Thursday 26th November 2015 from 7pm, £45 per person

Bonotto Delle Tezze, it is more than 500 years of vineyards and wine. The Bonotto family have been making wine since 1647, when they produced fine wine for the Venetian aristocracy, the Vatican, Lombardy and Genoa.  This is a boutique winery where the emphasis is on quality, using a blend of traditional winemaking and ultra-modern technology. The wines are made from grapes which are all hand selected. Join us in the Avocet private dining room for an aperitif and canapés at 7pm, followed by a four course set dinner at 7.30pm with a new wine to match each course, expertly designed to complement.

To book a place please contact The Brudenell on 01728 452071 or email 

DOCG Prosecco

Stone Bass
Crab lollipop, coriander, pineapple

Pinot Grigio Montesanto
Manzoni Bianco Novalis

Veal loin & cep
Suffolk black badger beans, smoked bacon

Malanotte Del Piave
Raboso Del Piave Potesta

Baked Fontina cheese & truffle
Red grape & rosemary focaccia

Raboso Rosato Frizzante

Coffee & petit fours

Platinum Pillow