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Brudenell Martini

We have used the concept of the Martini and have produced some excellent contemporary flavours… Enjoy

MartiniSuffolk Apple and Pear £8.50
Can you get any more local?
Gifford apple liquor, Absolut pear vodka, High House apple juice

Suffolk Ginger Martini £8.50
Succulent fresh pear to start and to end the fiery ginger is a combination to be scared off
Gifford ginger liquor, Absolut pear vodka, High House apple juice, fresh lime

Suffolk Lemoncello £8.50
Two spirits become one beautiful Martini
Gifford lemoncello, Absolut citron vodka

White Chocolate £8.50
Something for the chocolate lovers
White chocolate liquor, Absolut vanilla vodka, cream, grated chocolate

Apple Pie £8.50
Brudenell signature cocktail… A dessert in a glass
Absolut vanilla vodka, Gifford apple liquor, apple juice, egg white

Classic £8.50
We have a wide range of gins selected for their unique qualities for the ultimate martini
Dirty Martini Gin mare, Martini dry
Classic gin Martini Citadelle gin, Martini dry