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Brudenell Sweet Cocktails

Sweet cocktailGin Jam £8
Gin mixed with a jam of your choice, you won’t want jam in any other way after a sip of this
Bombay sapphire gin, fresh lemon juice mixed with Stokes jam - choose from strawberry, blackcurrant or orange marmalade.

Vanilla Gorilla £9
Liquid banoffee pie
Absolut vanilla vodka, banana liquor, hazelnut liquor, cream

Pear Tree £8
Aromatic pear vodka & floral elderflower liqueur are a match made in heaven.
Absolut pear vodka, St- Germain elderflower liquor, fresh lemon juice

Cherry Bakewell £8
Don’t fancy a dessert? Or just have a sweet tooth... this cocktail is just like drinking a dessert.
Amaretto and cherry brandy

Brudenell White Russian £9
We have put an interesting contemporary twist on a classic drink.
Espresso liquor, Tia maria, Absolut vanilla vodka, milk, cream