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Wine Countries

Learn More About Where Our Wines Come From


France is one of the most famous wine producing countries in the world. Many varietals that were refined in France have since be recreated and developed across the globe. Top regions include Champagne, Bordeaux and Loire Valley.

Main grapes: Merlot, Grenache
Top Wine Growing Regions: Bordeaux, Champagne, The Rhône, Burgundy, Provence, Loire.


The most famous wine to come out of Spain is the legendary Rioja. However, there is much more to this great wine producing country with Cava, Sauvignon Blanc and Albarino all gaining rave reviews across the world. Be sure to explore further than the classic Rioja when it comes to Spanish wines.

Main grapes: Tempranillo, Albarino
Top Wine Growing Regions: Rioja, Ribera Del Duero, Priorato, Penedés


Italy is the second largest producer of wines in the world and also has some of the oldest wine-producing regions. Famous for its Chianti and Pinot Grigio wines, it also produces some superb lesser known varietals such as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Moscato.

Italy produces a great alternative to the more expensive sparkling wines in the Champagne region. Prosecco is a dry sparkling wine that is a great to share with family and friends.

Main grapes: Trebbiano, Pinot Grigio
Top Wine Growing Regions: Tuscany, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto


The fourth largest wine producing region in the world with around 40% of its production consumed in Australia. Some of the major grapes produced in Aus are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. The climate tends to remain the same year after year so winemakers are able to produce similar results in different vintages. Some of the world’s biggest wine brands can be found in Australia.

Main grapes: Shiraz, Chardonnay
Top Wine Growing Regions: Barossa, Adelaide Hills, Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale, Eden Valley

New Zealand

This new world wine producing country has built a stellar reputation for producing top-quality Sauvignon Blanc. The UK is one of the biggest importers of New Zealand wines due to the high quality of the grapes produced. New Zealand also has a growing international reputation for chardonnay and riesling.

Main grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling
Top Wine Growing Regions:Marlborough, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa


A wine producing country that has really been on the rise over the past ten years and are now among some of the most popular in the world. Chile can boast some of the most perfect growing conditions thanks to the climate, healthy crop conditions and cooling breeze from the South Pacific Ocean.

Chiles signature grape is fast becoming Carmenere, a grape that pairs perfectly with light red meats as well as being enjoyed on its own.

Main grapes: Carmenere, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Top Wine Growing Regions: Maule, Maipo Vallety, Colchagua Valley, Limari Valley.