2018 Seafood Calendar

June 1, 2018

There is nothing more important to us than ethically-sourced local fish here in Aldeburgh. From oysters and lobster to flat fish and ugly fish, our local fisherman continuously do our county proud and are the very reason why we have such a fantastic reputation for sourcing and producing
food of the highest quality.

The seasonal shifts are an incredibly exciting time of year for chefs; each one bringing different tastes and flavours into our restaurants. In spring, we can look forward to oil rich mackerel, protein
packed bass and famous John Dory, whilst in the later months of the year crab, skate and flat fish all come into fruition.

All of which you can enjoy for yourself at our Seafood & Grill restaurant here at the Brudenell Hotel, with stunning seaside views overlooking the very waters from which our produce is sourced.

January - Trout

Febraury - Squid & Octopus

March - Mackerel

April - Bass

May - John Dory

June - Prawns 

July -  Crab

August - Lobster

September - Oysters

October - Skate

November - Flat Fish

December - Monkfish

Let us know which month you're looking forward to the most!

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