Celebrating Spring!

February 28, 2018

Goodbye, winter! Hello Spring! To celebrate, we list our favourite reasons why we are excited about the new season:

Extra daylight!

Following the spring equinox, the days last longer and the nights get shorter. That means you have more time in the day to get things done. In addition to giving us more time to spend outdoors and exposure to sunlight increases the hormone serotine in our brains, which make us feel happier!

Perfect temperatures

This season brings us the perfect temperatures to venture outdoors for long coastal walks and open-air activities but still lets us enjoy comfy evenings curled up in a fluffy blanket.

Colourful scenery

After the long and grim winter, spring rewards the outside with colour! Snowdrops, golden daffodils, green trees and blossom are popping up everywhere you go – bringing colour throughout the countryside.


Chocolate, hot cross buns, roast lamb and more chocolate… what isn't there to love?

Spring break!

Taking time off at the end of winter definitely has health benefits and is the perfect opportunity to refresh yourself - so why not enjoy a relaxing staycation on the Suffolk coast? 

Our 'Spring Into Suffolk' offer is available 1st Mar - 31st May 2018, enjoy:

  • An afternoon cream tea
  • Dinner in the Restaurant
  • Full Suffolk breakfast in the morning

To book your stay with us, please click here or call 01728 452071

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