Eggs Drumkilbo Recipe

May 17, 2016

Drumming up a royal treat

Fresh sea air and a walk with Aldeburgh's waves nipping at your heels are always good for whipping up a healthy appetite. If you start in Thorpeness and time it right, all you need to do is step off the beach and straight onto the Brudenell's Terrace, where Amy and her team will revive you with drinks and gorgeous seafood while you ease back into your chair. With royal celebrations in mind this summer you can't not try the Eggs Drumkilbo. It just so happens to be one of the late Queen Mother’s favourite dishes and a classic. Beautiful crab, prawns and crayfish married with hard boiled eggs and a  delicately spiced  mousseline sauce, topped with caviar and slivers of radishes it's gorgeous to look at and even better to eat. Here's the recipe if you’d like to try creating your own version for four people.


200g white crab meat

(checked for bone)

200g Greenland prawns

200g crayfish tails

200g hard-boiled eggs (Peeled)

300g mousseline sauce

40g caviar

2 finely sliced radishes

20g diced mooli

¼ bunch of dill

40g frisée lettuce


Most good fishmongers should have these ingredients in stock.Make sure all the ingredients are drained and patted dry, then simply mix together. Place the mixture in a glass and chill. When ready to serve I dress the top with the sliced radish, mooli, dill and frisee, saving the caviar for the centre.


100ml mayonnaise

100ml double cream

1tsp mild curry powder

1tbs honey

1tbs coriander

Salt to taste

Whisk the double cream to a soft peak, then fold in the mayonnaise with the coriander and honey. Classic mousseline is a very easy way to lighten up sauces like mayonnaise or hollandaise and, when pairing with delicate ingredients such as white crab meat and prawn, it is always a winner.


At the seafood grill we serve this with finely sliced crostini and edge of lemon.

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