How To Gin Evening

February 18, 2016

The Seafood & Gin evening in January turned into a great party in our Avocet room. Our guests tasted great gin and tonics, each one introduced by Brad Adnams and served by Ali and her team from Adnams Aldeburgh. When it came to food, the gins were matched with gorgeous seafood, served by Tyler and his team.  

If you’d like to try some of these gins yourself, here are some recipes.
We suggest you invite your friends and cook some fresh seafood bought from the huts on the beach. 

Sloe Gin Fizz 

Serve in a champagne glass
• 25ml Sloe Gin 
• 100ml Adnams Prosecco
Pour the sloe gin into the champagne flute and top up with Adnams Prosecco. Enjoy!  

First rate herbed & twisted Collins

Serve in a Long glass
• 35ml Adnams First Rate Gin
• 15ml sugar syrup
• ½ lemon sliced
• Finely chopped cucumber (10 slices should be perfect)
• Thyme
• Soda 
Add the Adnams Gin, sugar syrup, cucumber, lemon and thyme to a long glass. Muddle them all together (crush/mix).  When you have them all muddled, add crushed ice to the top of glass and top up with soda.  Using a long teaspoon, gently stir these all together making sure to pull up and stir at the same time, thus ensuring the ingredients are well mixed.  To garnish, add a sprig of thyme and a swirl of lemon peel along with 2 straws. 


Serve in a small “stubby” glass (a whiskey glass would be sufficient)
• 50ml Adnams Copper House Dry Gin 
• 15ml Sugar Syrup 
• 1 whole lime
In a cocktail shaker add your Adnams Gin and sugar syrup. Roll the lime around on the chopping board, this is called bruising. Cut a slice off the end of the lime. Then cut the lime into wedges and squeeze the juice into the cocktail shaker (if you like it “limey” then add another lime). Don’t throw the skins of the lime away; instead add them into the cocktail shaker.  Shake the contents vigorously.  If you want something to laugh at, make sure you have someone take a photo of your “shaker face”. Everyone’s face is different. Double strain into the stubby glass and garnish with the lime wheel and 2 ice cubes.

Alternatively you can always pop in to our Seafood & Grill and have a lovely time choosing a special gin from our eclectic G&T menu. 
Our bartender will always be delighted to talk you through the many bottles on the wall.

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