Love oysters, love Seafood & Grill

August 8, 2016

Romans loved oysters and it was one of the things they really relished about Britain, with the proof in the dumps of thrown away oyster shells all around us. A particularly big dump was excavated near Colchester, next to what was the Roman road to London. It looks like two thousand years ago, travelling Romans and locals were stopping at a roadside stall and buying oysters to keep them going. It’s delicious to think that some things never change.

If you’re exploring the Suffolk Coast then Aldeburgh is bound to be on your route. Make your way to the Seafood & Grill restaurant near the end of Crag Path by the sea and you can eat like a Roman on the road, ordering only one natural rock oyster or as many as you like. Being the 21st century, you get a plate, napkins and some delicious extra flavours too. It makes complete sense to add a glass of Champagne from Frerejean Frères and settle down on the terrace, with the sea and sun for company.

Take your pick or try them all.

Shallot and red wine vinegar, lemon oyster
Bloody Mary oyster
Gin & Tonic oyster
Japanese flavours oyster

These gorgeous oysters don’t have far to come either, as they’re supplied by local firm Simpers of Suffolk who have been busy for three generations farming oysters and mussels in the River Deben, as well as beef and asparagus on land.

So when in Aldeburgh, do as the Romans do… and fill up on the freshest oysters around at the wonderful Seafood & Grill.

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