Stone bass recipe

January 31, 2017

with black rice and lobster bisque

Serves four people

To mark National Storytelling Week, our head chef, Ben Hegarty, would like to share with you the story (recipe) of how to create one of his delicious dishes, stone bass, black rice and lobster bisque.

This dish is perfect if you're trying to impress someone, whether that's your partner on Valentine's day or perhaps your Mother or Mother-in-law on Mother's Day. 



4 fillets stone bass
300g black rice
1 large bulb of fennel
500ml lobster bisque
16 raw tiger prawns, 4 per person
Lemon grass
Your favourite herb such as dill, parsley or tarragon


1. To braise the fennel in the oven, quarter and place in a deep dish, then add
chicken stock, thyme, garlic and orange zest. Cover with tin foil, cook for
about 45 minutes until soft but so it still has a crunch.

2.Boil black rice in chicken stock with a couple sprigs of thyme and lemon grass
until soft; drain and dress with a little butter, salt and pepper.

3.Chargrill or pan fry stone bass and prawns. When nearly cooked add
a little butter and a squeeze of lemon and fresh herbs of your choice such
as dill, parsley, tarragon.


You can buy lobster bisque which works well or make your own.

Heat the lobster bisque, whisk in 50g butter until nice and rich. If you want
to go for it you can also add a dash of cream.


This dish looks gorgeous when you serve it in large shallow white bowls.

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