Why we love autumn on the beach

September 18, 2017

As September swiftly advances towards October we may still get the chance to enjoy an occasional warm sunny day on the beach but I think we all secretly acknowledge that the summer is over and its jumpers, scarves and coats all the way from now.

At the Brudenell, autumn is one of our favourite times of year. Being right on the beach front we love to see weekend walkers and mid-week moochers strolling up and down the beach in the refreshing autumn air. Adults and children alike enjoy the thrill of being blown about, and collecting the many beach treasures that appear when the weather is at its most variable.

For those who have children, September symbolises a return to routine. With the kids back at school, summer holiday weary parents can once again enjoy some calm and relaxing time together. September is a great opportunity to catch up with friends for a coffee or enjoy a ‘grown up’ lunchtime meal without the constant interruptions of their little darlings.  

However you spend your September days, you’re sure of a warm welcome at the Brudenell Hotel. We have everything from breakfast and morning coffees, to delicious lunches and fabulous fresh local dinners. So why not have a refreshing walk on the beach and pop in and see us. We look forward to meeting you. 

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